Pricing Bundles & 'Insufficient Storage' API response

Hi there,

I am not able to index more information into my account due to an ‘Insufficient Storage’ response which has somewhat confused me.

In the accounts page it says:

‘When your account’s usage exceeds a monthly resource quota, we increase the quota by adding a bundle and charging it to your account. Each bundle increases the quota of all resources by a fixed amount. This ensures your service is uninterrupted.’

but it also says ‘Data storage numbers might be delayed by up to four hours.’

So does this mean that using the Scale plan, you cannot really build a service using Vectara where the amount of data stored in Vectara will increase on a regular basis because every time you go over the next 5MB bundle, it may take up to 4 hours for Vectara to recognise the actual amount of storage you have available?

Is it not possible to buy X amount of Bundles on the Growth plan or is this something to discuss with the sales team? I understood that Growth is self-serve and Scale is more of a commitment type of contract…

Thank you!

I have a credit card in my account so assumed this would just work like a normal consumption model…

Hi Ed, thank you for raising this! Adding a credit card should enable you to be billed based on consumption, as you would expect. This looks like a bug on our end – I’m really sorry about that. I’m going to DM you so we can get this resolved for you.