Can't Retrieve Anything

Hi for some odd reason, when I add data either through the UI or via API, when I try to query, similarity search doesn’t return anything ONLY when I clear an index and reupload the same data set or another data set. This happens most of the time. However, sometimes with the same data, it works just fine when re-uploaded. Why is it so inconsistent and why can’t I pull up relevant data? I’m using the upload via UI AND API, both have the same issues.

Let me ask a few questions to clarify things:

  • If you create a new corpus and upload via UI or API, are you able to query fine?
  • Are you saying that the search doesn’t return anything if you clear the index and re-upload the same data set?
  1. Hi Talip, it does not work even when uploading through UI and searching via UI however when I crate a new corpus and try YES it does work.

  2. Correct!

Hi Luke, It will help us to diagnose the issue better if you could share your customer id and corpus id in which query issues were appearing.

Also, you said that with a new corpus, things are working, right?

Hi aamir,

It’s repeating for me. I’ve tried to create/delete corpus. On the initial upload I’m able to upload and query just fine. However, if I add new data or clear and reupload data, it will not give me any results. My customer id is 2152295722. Corpus ID is across but I’ve deleted most, but it’s happening on 10 currently.

Can you share the file you are uploading? We want to try it on our end.

Hi yes, it’s just a textbook I’m testing with. I uploaded it to google drive. sample.pdf - Google Drive

Hi all, any luck recreating this? I just want to know if it’s something I’m doing wrong on my end of if it is an actual bug. :grinning:

We are able to reproduce the issue. Thank you so much for reporting. The fix should be available in a week.

Great to hear. Thank you for the help @Talip_Ozturk and @aamir - if you can, please keep me posted when the fix is pushed :slight_smile: .

The fix is already in staging. It will be pushed to prod by Friday for sure. Thanks!

Perfect, thank you very much!

The fix is pushed to prod. Please give it a try.

Hey @Talip_Ozturk , it seems like it’s working now!! Thank you very much for great support and fix time.