V2 upload_file playground

I cannot get this page to work:

Whenever I put in any file it tells me it wants a binary file:
“field_errors”: {
“body.file”: “file should have content type application/octet-stream instead of application/pdf.”
“request_id”: “9623d4b8e6e0eea92a3d77dcbcd4f3ce”

Our doc site tries to be helpful and sets the mime-type to application/pdf and not octet-stream. Our API specification does not allow anything besides octet-stream, so the doc site really shouldn’t do that. You can work around this issue in code currently by making sure the mime-type for the part in the multi part message is always application/octet-stream. Thank you for reporting the issue, and I will work towards deploying a change such that other mime types are allowed to be specified.

You should now be able to upload that pdf using the doc site.