(Resolved) Vectara Answers app set up problem

I am going through the steps on the github and my app is working, but in the reference, it doesn’t give a hyperlink to the original website like it does in the example ‘Legal Aid App’. How do I make my references link to external websites? Also, is the embedding model supposed to be vectara legacy or boomerang in order to get the hyperlink?

Figured it out, never mind!

Glad you figured it out.
Just for others who may look at this later on - when ingesting documents into Vectara (before using Vectara-answer), if you add a meta-data field called “url” to the document that will be used as the hyperlink displayed in Vectara Answer.

By url you mean this right?

Hibaq Abdi

Sorry you said “you mean this” - what do you mean by “this”?

This code as an example:

Hibaq Abdi

Sorry I don’t see any code. Can you please reattach the example?

meta name=“url” content=“https://www.google.com

It only shows up when I don’t put < > at the ends on the message board. But is this the right code?

meta name=“url” content=“https://www.google.com

Is this code correct?