Not sure where to begin

Hi there,

I hope to build Vectara into a docs-as-code documentation website ( Two+ years ago, I began to build this website by taking the template from my former colleague Tom Johnson and customizing it in dozens of different ways.

Currently, the codebase lives in a private GitHub repo. Only the docs admin (me) has the permission to merge to mainline, whereupon GitHub Actions mirrors the entire repo (only mainline, to avoid leaking features) to a public repo. I hope to use the .md files in the public repo.

The problem is, I’m a little overwhelmed by all that Vectara has to offer and I’m not quite sure as to where and how to begin. If my understanding is correct, I need to find a way to feed docs updates to the Vectara API as a corpus as part of the same GitHub Actions process that pushes the private repo to the public repo. Then, I need to configure how Vectara handles the data. Finally, I need to use the Vectara API to enable search from the site.

Is my understanding correct? I’d appreciate any pointers for a beginner with this tool. :grinning:

Hey Grumpquat,
Sorry for the late response.
If I understand you correctly, you want to build an application to be able to search documentation. Is that correct? (for example we built a demo of similar application over the LangChain docs).
Two things that I want to point out that may helpful:

  1. vectara-ingest is an open source project you can use as a quick start to help crawl the documentation and index it into the Vectara project.
  2. vectara-answer is an open source project you can use to create a nice question-answering user interface with Vectara (we built the langchain docs example using that).
    Please let me know if I can help further.