Noticeable delay using Vectara gRPC query method

Hello everyone,
I’m using Vectara gRPC query method and I noticed a huge delay and spikes when we moved our servers from US to Germany.

The average response time for our US server (AWS us-west-1) : 141 ms
The average response time for our Germany server (AWS eu-central-1) : 1287 ms

I don’t know what’s causing the issue.

Here is a graph for the past 24 hours of response time of the gRPC method that could help.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This increase in latency shouldn’t occur. We’re going to investigate this further and get back.

Hi Hossam,

We tried querying from an AWS server in Germany, and didn’t see as high change in latencies as you reported. Please see the screenshot attached. The top is from us-west-2, bottom from eu-central-1.

Can you please share any other details about your set up that might help us debug this further?