How to get a corpus's documents by ID in order to delete it?

Isn’t there a method to retrieve the IDs of documents in a corpus in order to delete them? It’s a little confusing to me right now.

Hi there, thanks for bringing this up. Are you raising the same question that was brought up in List of Uploaded Documnts? Please take a look and let me know if you have something different in mind. We understand this is an important feature and we’re working on it.

Hi cjcenizal,

The concept is the same. In our case, though, we’d like to know what documents we have in a certain corpus that we may either “Delete” or “Delete, update, and upload.” According to my understanding, we can’t currently update a document once it’s been uploaded, and the only option is to delete and re-upload an updated version.

I hope that clarifies.

Yes, this is very helpful. Thank you!

@numix out of curiousity, can you provide a bit more detail? For context, we’re having some internal discussion on whether we should “just” add a “list documents” API and that would suffice many of these or whether users are instead wanting/needing to filter by attributes/content/etc and then delete from there (e.g. a delete/update by query type of functionality)

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