Counting Documents in a Corpus

Hi, I had a look at the public documentation here - REST APIs | Vectara Docs

Is it possible to get a count of the number of documented indexed (through the JSON format REST API) in a corpus?


Hi there @Damian_O_Neill ! Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have an API that does exactly that. You can of course search to find whether a particular document has been indexed or not, but there’s no count mechanism. If you have some further details on what you’re trying to achieve with a count, it would be really useful

Hi @shane, thanks for the reply. I’m evaluating a number of semantic search solutions at the moment for a project. I’m trying to understand what is available (or planned) WRT APIs. The sort of capabilities we require beyond CRUD include: bulk indexing, access to the corpus and document metadata like the count query I mentioned above, document id list per corpus, etc.

We need this information during upserting and later for auditing purposes. Thanks, Damian.