Core Indexing API return different response than mentioned in the documentation

I started using the Core Indexing API and I noticed when the API success, it returns status code 201 instead of 200 mentioned in the documentation.
I’m also using 40 concurrent sessions to speed up the indexing process, I noticed status code 412 with empty error message when it fails to index the document, I believe this is supposed to be 429 too many requests status code instead.

I’m wondering is there a way to know how many indexed documents in the corpus using API request or the console itself ?

Hi @hossam
Thank you for that great feedback. I’ve shared with our product team to update as needed.
We don’t (yet) have a direct way to count the number of indexed documents, but a workaround would be to use the “list-documents” API call, list all documents, and then count them.
Happy to share a code snippet if it’s helpful to show you how