All documents not being retreived

We created a document drawer that shows all the documents in the corpus, we use the same method that the ingest-src utility uses on that simple front end, and run them together. Our issue is that when we upload documents, we aren’t able to see all the documents in the corpus, for example, we created an HR instance, uploaded 33 documents and can only see 8, on our EHS instance, we uploaded 9 and only see 8, and for a separate HR private doc instance, we uploaded 8 and only see 6.

hmmm. that is indeed strange.
Could be a few issues that I can think of. First thing I’d suggest to check: when you ingest the documents (let’s say the 33 documents) – can you check if each ingest API call returns any error code or failure code?
what do you mean by “ingest-src utility”?