Account size limit and inspect options for uploaded of documents


I would appreciate it if I can get some ideas about the following questions.

Does scaled version account have certain limit for account size, once reaching the limit documents won’t be accepted?

If documents are uploaded by API, do we have option other than API for inspecting which and how many documents I have uploaded?


Thanks for your questions.

For Scale plan, this depends on customer needs. If you want to allow overages for size, we support that, though the overage pricing rate is different than the reserved space.

This is part of a larger feature we are debating internally. Currently, in the Web Console, you can search and check the documents returned, but that doesn’t fully cover what you’re asking. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for you, but I assure you that were discussing it and gathering customer requirements.


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Hi tallat,

Thanks for your helpful and informative answers.

Is there an API way to inspect the list of what documents have been upload?