Protos for the v2 API

Vectara’s v2 APIs have recently been released:

A question for the engineering folks at Vectara: it looks like the openly available protos are still for v1 APIs:

Will the protos be updated to model the v2 APIs?

Hey @forloop ! You’ve not missed anything, but TL;DR: no, we don’t have any plans to update the protos right now. The reasoning for that might not be obvious, so I’ll explain briefly.

We got feedback that our REST APIs had usability issues (not using standard REST verbs, not following an object oriented structure, etc). The same doesn’t really apply to gRPC, where there is no HTTP verb for example, so users didn’t really have difficulties using gRPC/protos that we got feedback on. In REST v1, we were auto-generating the OpenAPI spec from the protos, but in REST v2, we basically designed the REST interface from scratch and added a gateway to translate those API calls, so we no longer (need to) auto-generate.

We’ll eventually remove the grpc.gateway.protoc_gen_openapiv2 stubs from the protos, but there won’t be a direct replacement for them for the REST API v2, since it’s designed/built away from those protos.

So if you’re using gRPC, go on and keep using the protos there, and if you have any difficulty, we’d love feedback. If you’re instead using REST and had e.g. been generating your own OpenAPI spec from them, you can just get the latest spec at and skip generating your own spec.