Need help with REST API request for a simple search

I am attempting to build a REST API call that emulates whatever default options are used when searching via Vectara - Semantic Search.

When I use the Console Search, I get the summary I expect to get.
However, when going the REST API route, I get the following summary:

‘The returned results did not contain sufficient information to be summarized into a useful answer for your query. Please try a different search or restate your query differently.’

How can I emulate the same search request via REST API that is used by Search API | Vectara Docs (using the default settings)?

Also, how do I know which summarizerPromptName to use? What is the latest version?
I currently use “vectara-summary-ext-v1.2.0”, which I was able to find from a code sample.

Thank you.

When you’re in the Console, after performing a search, you can click the Copy request button, and then select e.g. Copy as cURL or Copy as Fetch to see how the request was performed

In terms of the summarizers that are available, we only have 1 available to Growth tier accounts. We have more advanced models and custom prompt capabilities for Scale customers, and that’s why we have the placeholder. vectara-summary-ext-v1.2.0 is what you should be using in your code