How to specify instructions and behaviors for the AI?

Hello everyone,

I am currently exploring the features of this platform and trying to understand how I can specify instructions and behaviors for the AI. I have already managed to upload a file with the desired content so that the responses can be consulted, however, I am having difficulty finding where I can inform the AI what the desired instructions and behaviors are.

For example, I would like that when I ask about a list of products, the response comes back ordered and with line breaks. Additionally, I also want to know how to specify for the AI to use emojis in its responses.

Could someone guide me on how to do this?

I appreciate any help!

Hi @Paulo_Lince_Web
I think some of the behavior you are looking for can be accomplished using our “custom prompts” functionality (Introducing Vectara’s Custom Prompt Engine - Vectara), where you can provide custom instructions to the LLM/AI to change its behavior in these ways. Note though that this is a “Scale plan” (Pricing - Vectara) feature so not available in our free plan.