Flowise & Vectara Errors

Hi All,

I’ve just started using your product and am very excited about the possibilities your platform offers. I wanted to test Vectara by creating a Flowise & Vectara flow. To do this, I created a corpus, uploaded some data through your platform, generated an API key, and set up a flow in Flowise. However, I’m encountering an issue in the Flowise chat UI: “Vectara API returned status code 401”. I couldn’t find any information about this error code in your documentation.
In another much basic Flowise & Vectara setup I got “Error: Error Vectara API returned status code BAD_REQUEST: undefined while adding document”

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards
Jose Hoyos

401 is an authentication error. Can you please confirm that you entered the right customer and corpus ids and also your key has the permission on that corpus? Keys are not global.

Hallo Talip,
Yes I do, I checked the corpus_id, customer_Id and api_key , multiple times… I attached an screenshot, what do you mean if the key have permission? I dont see that option.

Hey J_Hoyos,
Wondering if this might help? Here’s a video showing step by step how to use the Vectara+FLowise integration. Can you please share a video showing the exact flowise flow you are generating and how the error occurs on your end?

Yess you are write, I made a small mistake setting up the api key.

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